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Travelonio provides online reservation services. It acts as an intermediary between guests who want to make an accommodation reservation and the hotel, property or temporary/holiday rental.

The Challenge

Designing a simple, yet sufficient customer support dashboard.


Competitive Research & Market Analysis, Design System, Prototype.




2 Months


Munich, Germany

Market &
Competitor Research

Tourism industry is worth approximately $1.2 trillion where online bookings represent one of the largest market shares in the sector, with over 148 million travel bookings made annually. Using the web to discover new destinations, plan, or review trips has now become an essential part of the online travel market. When it comes to booking, many customers get their information via mobile, while they still move to desktop when making their bookings.

In terms of competition the leading position in the global OTA market is held by companies such as:, expedia, tripadvisor, airbnb etc. Most of these OTA provide not only a great range of accommodation offers for anyone, but also allow you to book modes of transportation and attractions.

Design System

In order to create visual consistency across the product, I created the design system, which I utilized through out the design process.


The objective of the UI design was to manifest an image that is fresh, modern and exciting hence resembling the service provided through this site.

Deliverable Prototype

On this link below, you can check the live prototype

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