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Aircord is social networking mobile app that is built around conversations. Through Aircord users can create, invite others to join in, or listen to micro podcasts.

The Challenge

Designing a record feature for voice messages that is easy and intuitive to use.


Competitive Research & Market Analysis, Prototype, Happy Path Flow, Wireframes, Usability Testing.




4 Weeks


San Francisco, US

Market Analysis

There has been an increased focus with regards to podcasts in recent years. Since 2018, the number of existing podcasts has increased fourfold. Yet, what is being reported is that now the focus is shifting to short-form audio considering that it is cheaper to make as it takes less time and effort for the content creator. The concept of shortform audio is new but it is considered by many to be the next big social network trend.

Competitor Research

I focused on 3 of the existing short form audio apps to identify design patterns, best practices and opportunities. I reviewed: Riffr, Beams, and Clubhouse.

Happy Path Flow

I created a happy path flow in order to display the complete and no error path a user takes when posting a new voice message.


I laid out the frames for recording a voice record and interacting with the audience.


My aim was to create a clean and fun feel with the design. I wanted to keep the design within the frames of a social media app, but create a recognizable identity of Aircord.

Deliverable Prototype

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Usability Testing

I conducted user testing to assess the overall navigation and usability of the app. All 3 participants were successful on-boarding and then using navigation bar icons to add a new voice record. They successfully published voice records.

What did not work

2 out of 3 participants seemed initially confused when adding a new voice record.


Based on the testing results, I focused on perfecting the usability of recording a new voice message. I placed the record button in the center of the navigation and emphasized it and made it the default button.